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First Moss

We have fun. We learn about Jesus. We get to know each other. And we always keep in mind that the church is here to help parents, not replace them. Your kids are going to love it at First Moss Bluff, and we are going to love your kids!



Our first and highest priority is the safety of every child entrusted to us. 

  • Every volunteer submits to a thorough background check. 

  • We train and orient volunteers about safety and security protocols using MinistrySafe training.

  • Multiple security volunteers are stationed in the building.


To aid in safety, when you arrive at the Children’s Ministry Center, come to the Welcome Desk and fill out an information card. Our Welcome Team will give you all the information you need to make your visit a success. From there, one of our greeters will escort your child to their classroom. 

After they’re all checked in, make your way down the hall to our Worship Center where our greeting team will meet you and help you find the coffee and make sure you find a seat. 


First Kids

Designed to guide kids, birth through third grade, through what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ in a safe and fun environment. 

Ignite Preteens

Ignite is designed to help 4th-6th graders have a relationship with Jesus and belong to a community of faith. 

First VIP

A gospel-centered environment for kids with special needs that embraces the uniqueness of each child where they are able to learn about Jesus and explore their faith. 



First Kids exists to help all children internalize these values:

1.   I can trust God no matter what. 

2.   I need to make the wise choice. 

3.   I should treat others the way I want to be treated. 


Kids Schedule



Birth to Pre-K

9:00a Nursery and Large Group

10:30a Nursery and Small Group

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

9:00a Small Group

10:30a Large Group


Birth to Pre-K

6:30p - J.A.M. in the Children’s Ministry Center

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

6:30p - Elements in the Gym



First Preteens exists to help preteens take their next step by focusing on the following:

1.   Grow in our walk with the Lord and learn how to share the Gospel. 

2.   Learn about testimonies: what is your testimony and how do you share it?

3.   Develop Godly friendships that strengthen each other for Christ.


Preteens Schedule



9:00a Large Group

10:30a Small Group


6:30p Ignite



First VIP exists to minister to the unique needs of our special needs children. We believe that:

1.   Each child is unique and deserves care and attention. 

2.   Growth in the Lord is always the goal. 

3.   First VIP will experience both Large Group and Small group settings where they will play, learn, grow, and hear about Jesus. 


VIP Schedule



Offerings available at both 9:00a & 10:30a

the ride home

We see this relationship as a partnership with our parents. So, we encourage parents to keep the conversation going during the ride home.


Ask your child these questions:

Did you have fun?
What did you learn?


Our goal is to have a positive answer to both of those questions each week.


Want to get more involved in what your child is experiencing?

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