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Impact Weekend Breakouts

You will be able to choose 2 breakout sessions when you register for Impact!
There is limited space in each breakout, so the earlier you register the more options you will have! Once breakouts are selected, they cannot be changed.

Show Me Some ID:  Identity issues are some of the toughest issues teens face.  This breakout will help you see yourself how God sees you and ignore what culture says.

Worship Wars:  We’ve all seen it.  Church members are split over what style of worship we should have.  In this breakout, students will be challenged to check their worship preferences at the door and get back to what worship SHOULD be all about.

Social Media for the Win:  Social Media use as a teen is a lightning rod subject.  In this breakout, we will look at how students can use their social media in a positive way to make an impact for the Kingdom.

 Life on Mission:  This breakout will show students how living a missional life has little to do with what job you have, where you live, or who you hang out with. We can be missional in all of life’s circumstances.

 Keep it 100:  Everyone hates when people are fake with us and yet it is so hard to be ourselves. This breakout will challenge the idea of fitting in and teach students how to be themselves always.

 Inner Circle:  Friends are some of the most important relationships students have but some of the hardest to navigate at the same time. In this breakout, you will learn the keys to unlocking lifelong friendships.

 Can We Talk?:  Paul describes prayer as a labor and sometimes it can feel that way for us too. What do I say?  How do I start?  This breakout will solve the riddle of having a meaningful prayer life.

Stand Firm:  This breakout will challenge students to take a stand against the waves of the culture that goes against biblical truth.

 God? Is that You?:  How do you know when the prompting you are feeling is from the Holy Spirit and should be followed or its not and should be ignored?  This Breakout will help students learn how to discern God’s voice in a sea of influence.

 Mission Minded:  Interested in Missions?  Come to this breakout and hear stories of mission trips and encouragement for following where God is leading.

 Peace Maker:  It seems like everything happening these days involves conflict. But, the Bible says “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  This breakout will teach students how to humble themselves and seek peace in all situations.

 Gifted to Serve:  Ever wonder about your purpose?  Have you said things like, “Where do I fit?”  This breakout will be a great chance for you to learn about the spiritual gift God has blessed you with and where you can plug in to use it.

 This is my Story:  Ever wonder what you would say if someone asked you for your testimony of what Jesus has done for you?  This session will teach you how to develop your own personal testimony.

 2ndMile Leadership:  Our culture’s view of leadership is telling people what to do. But Jesus promoted Servant Leadership and that is what we should model.  Come to this breakout to learn how to be a leader who honors Christ while leading more effectively.

 Avoiding Addictions:  The pull toward addictions is everywhere.  Social Media, TV, Pornography and even food.  This session will teach students how to fight the pull toward these addictions and live a life of purity and balance.

Parent Track

On Saturday during IMPACT weekend from 9am to noon, there will be a special conference just for parents of teens.  Be encouraged and equipped to connect with your student where they are in the unique time in history.  This conference includes materials and lunch for each parent and is completely free!  Be sure to invite any of your friends who are parenting a teen to register for this special conference.