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What is

Won by One?

We believe that all students have 5 significant relationships that help shape their spiritual development.  Their father and mother are the first two followed by their student pastor and small group leader.  This leaves one spot for an adult to provide a significant relationship to our students.  This is where our new mentoring program WON BY ONE comes in.  We want to connect all of our students with one caring adult who will take an active interest in their life.  Students will have the option to choose a mentor, which needs to be someone they are not currently directly connected to.  If they don’t have anyone, we will help connect them with a mentor.  

The role of the mentor will be as follows:Connect Weekly through text, email, phone, or in person.Worship monthly by joining each other in the worship service.Serve yearly through “For the Bluff”, summer missions, or some other type of service opportunity. 
Adults, we hope that you will prayerfully consider being a part of this important program.  Students, spend some time in prayer with your parents before you decide on a mentor and then ask who you feel led to.


Let us know who your Won by One partner is, or sign up for one here!

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