I Love My Church


Dr. Steve Bennett

Church is more than just a gathering of friends. It is a body of people among whom we focus in two directions: Upward in worship and outward in serving. The Bible says that Iron sharpens Iron. I need those in my church to keep me sharp, strong, and fulfilled. I love my church because all that God requires of me can be lived out in its context. There are no better people that I had rather do life with than those who surround me and walk with me on my way to heaven.

Listen to the series here:

February 26th (WEEK 1) - The Vision That Jesus Gives 
March 5th (WEEK 2) - The Glory That Jesus Deserves 
March 12th (WEEK 3) - The Community That Jesus Built 
March 19th (WEEK 4) - The Work That Jesus Expects 
March 26th (WEEK 5) - The People That Jesus Loves 
April 2nd (WEEK 6) - The Sacrifice Jesus Requires