Dr. Steve Bennett

There are always difficulties when two different people decide to spend the rest of their lives together. In order to prepare for the deficits that occur, it is wise to deposit credits into the marriage to spend when the hard times come. The Bible is replete with coaching on how two people can have a great marriage for all of their lives.

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WEEK 1 (October 8th) - KEEPING THE TRAIN ON THE TRACKS || view notes 
Week 2 (October 15th) - BUILDING A LIFE LONG LOVE || view notes 
Week 3 (October 22nd) - CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? || view notes 
Week 4 (October 29th - THE VIEW FROM MARS || view notes 
Week 5 (November 5th) - DO YOU HAVE JUMPER CABLES 
Week 6 (November 12th) - THE GREAT COVER-UP || view notes
Week 7 (November 19th) - OUT OF THE ASHES 


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Dr. Steve Bennett
Jesus Is

In order to meet the many needs of a single life, the Lord Jesus must be as Paul wrote to the Ephesian believers, “our all in all.” This series is a simple sampling of what Jesus is to so many who call Him Lord, hear His voice, and follow Him.

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Week 1 (August 20th) - THE RESTORER OF MY LIFE | notes 
Week 2 (August 27th) - THE STRENGTH OF MY LIFE  | notes 
Week 3 (September 10th) - MY SANCTUARY | notes 
Week 4 (September 17th) - My Song 
Week 5 (September 24th) - MY REFUGE | notes 
Week 6 (October 1st) - MY RESCUER 



Dr. Steve Bennett
FOREVER HIS (series)


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April 5th (Week 1) The Security of Noah's Ark 
April 12th (Week 2) Righteous Lot 
April 19th (Week 3) David: After God's Heart 
April 26th (Week 4) The Parables of Jesus
May 17th (Week 5) Understanding Everlasting Life 
May 24th (Week 6) A New Creation 
June 14th (Week 7) The Power Of Jesus To Keep
July 19th (Week 8) The Cleansing Power of Jesus 
July 26th (Week 9) Difficult Passages