Noah's Story


My story starts from a young age...

I was just over a year old when my parents split. Shortly after, I was adopted by my grandfather. He raised me in church and I was there every time the doors were open. At the age of nine, I mistook a movement of the Spirit for salvation. Everything was fine in my life until I got to the age of 12. At this age, many time, you begin to think for yourself on a lot of different levels. These thoughts was the doorway for Satan to step in and reek havoc in my life. I began to have thoughts of doubt. Doubt of my life, doubt of my deserving to live, doubt that anyone really wanted me here. I turned to everything but Christ to try and fill the whole in my life. Lust, self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts. The problem was, emptiness into emptiness creates a chasm. I showed a "happy, healthy" demeanor on the outside, but inside I was broken to the core. My whole life changed when I was 14. I went to a Student Life Camp at Louisiana Tech. The second night of camp, I was sitting in worship and we were worshipping when the worship leader said he felt a spirit that someone felt they were too broken for Christ (this was a feeling I felt constantly), he rolled his sleeves to show scars on his arms and said, "Christ said come as you are." I couldn't hold it back, I couldn't not accept Christ's love. But, it's been worth it. He took a man who wanted to do nothing but die, and turned him into a man who wants to spread life to everyone. Darkness to light. A 100% change. It hasn't always been easy. Major loss, pain, struggles, they've all still been in my life, but I've never been alone. Christ has show Himself evident in my life constantly.