January 25-27th


IMPACT weekend is not just any ordinary DNow. IMPACT Weekend will be filled with amazing worship, as well as messages from, Wes Hamilton. However, IMPACT Weekend will help us to all look more like Jesus by the end of the event through small group Bible study, break-outs, and staying in host homes (that's where you come in!).

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to provide?

Towel: it may be good to have a few on hand in case students don’t bring any.

Beds: no, students are happy to sleep on the floor.

Floor: yes

Walls: yes

Transportation: yes - IF you need help please tell Abigael ASAP before the weekend begins

Do I need to buy food?  

We will provide Breakfast for your home, Dinner Friday and Saturday and Lunch Saturday will be in the FBC Moss Bluff Gym.  If you wish to provide additional food/snacks, that is completely up to you!

Do I have to be there the whole weekend?

No. You can step away for other engagements for periods of time, but please be avaliable to trasport students when needed. Tell Abigael if you will be out and when before the weekend. 

*Please remember that this weekend is a great time for you to feed into the lives of our students, please be intentional*

What if my spouse can’t be present the entire weekend?

That’s fine - as long as we have transportation covered.

What do I do with students’ medications?

Students will surrender their meds at registration.  They will be bagged and tagged and given to you at/after registration.  Please distribute them discreetly at the times required.

What if one of my students needs to leave for a sport/job/tonsillectomy?  

That’s fine!  Please just know where they will be going and when they will be back.  Leaders are provided with ‘Time Away’ cards for this.

Should I get my students phone numbers?

If they are leaving the weekend for any reason, please have a way to reach them. Be sure the student has your number too. 

How many people will be in my home?

5-10 students plus one or two leaders 

Will I have to teach? 

No, our Leaders will be prepared to lead the Bible Study Sections.  Feel free to sit in, but please refrain from taking over.  Our Leaders are highly trained professionals!

What if a student gets sick? 

Please call their parents and John Louviere. 

Should I lay down the law?  

Yes! It’s your home, please let students and leaders know your standards and stick to them.  Please clearly explain your expectations.  For example, as soon as they arrive, gather them up and tell them:

This is your home for the weekend!  Please respect it. Please pick up after yourself – the maid is not here.  If you spill, no biggie! Let us know so we can attend to it. If you need a plunger, they are next to the toilet or ask my husband. 

What do I do if I have an out of control teen?

Please contact John Louviere (337-380-2023) and he will come to the rescue. 

What will students bring?

Sleeping bags 


Appropriate clothing




Will there be a place for us to sit together at church on Sunday? 

Yes.  A section will be reserved. 

What will be in my Awesome Host Home Kit?

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Disposable utensils



1 case of water


Student’s Medicines (collected Friday Night)

Updated list of students in Host Home after Friday night registration

***You will revieve your host home kit before this weekend***

Should we take up students’ phones?

No, unless there is a problem.  Many students have their Bible on their phones, so they will need them during Bible Study.  Please use your own discretion at night time. We do want them to sleep and limit distractions.  Also use discretion with Wi-fi passwords. 

What if I need help with transportation? 

Let Abigael know before IMPACT weekend!

Will I get to go to the Parent Track on Saturday?