Location & Times

Being late is awkward, Showing up at the wrong place, or worse never showing up, is a bummer.  So where are we, and what time should you show up?  Find out here so you can be in the know.

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What to expect

New to the area, or just been awhile since you've been to church and you don't know what to expect?  Don't worry, everyone is new at some point. Let us put any concerns to rest, and fill you in on what you can expect.

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Our Beliefs

People and organizations have values.  You can tell what others value by how they live.  At FBCMB we feel like it’s crucial to determine what God says our values should be and live those out as a church family.

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Our Story

It all starts somewhere.  Learn more about our humble beginnings with only 30 members back when the area had a modest population of 1,500 citizens.  At the time there was no Baptist church in the area.

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Meet our team

Our team of ministers & staff have set a goal to train and equip the members of First Baptist Church to go out and make disciples at home and abroad.  Our goal comes from Acts 1:8 where Jesus declared, you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth. At First Baptist Moss Bluff, we desire to be engaged in making disciples at home and abroad. 

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