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Its time for family dedication again...

At First Moss Bluff we don’t do Baby Dedication, we do Family Dedication.

We believe in how powerful you as a parent are. You have 936 weeks with your child from birth through college. We want to partner with you and help you raise your child to make them more like Jesus every day. We as a church have 40 hours a year to mold your child and teach them about Jesus. We know and believe that parents have more of an influence on their children than we do. We are so thankful for the families who have committed to raising their children in the church and to be an example for them of how Christ loves us. We are so excited to be able to dedicate more families this year! We have 4 Dedication Sunday's per year. 

Registration is now closed. Don't worry we will have another Family Dedication next quarter! 


It is time for Family Dedication on July 22nd.  If you have a child that needs to be dedicated you can REGISTER HERE**


  • Registration opens May 27th
  • Registration closes July 12th (Thursday)
  • Family training - July 15th at 10:30am
  • Family Dedication Sunday - July 22nd
  • Each service limited to 6 families 

*When you register, please email Lawren a photo of your child.

**After clicking link to register, you will need to create an account. After you create and verify your account, you may need to click the REGISTER HERE link again.