July 15th | Joy In A Focused Life



1. Review

Do you have a walking in the dark story? (stubbing a toe? being scared?) What makes the dark so difficult to navigate? Why are people scared of the dark?

Darkness is part of the world we live in, therefore we must learn to function and have joy in such a place. How are you seeing the worlds darkness grow into all areas of culture? How has it crept into your home? How do you stay focused on Jesus in this ever-changing world?

Read Romans 12:2, What are the instructions of this verse? How can you live this out? How are you currently living it out? What is the difference in being conformed and being transformed? What are the sources of both?

2. Assess

If you had to compare your life in Christ right now to a race, where would you be? On your sofa watching it on TV? In the stands? On the sidelines? In the race? Give reasons why.

Are you more likely to strive for excellence in your secular life or in your spiritual life? What factors play into your answer?

Joy is tied to an inward reality of being at peace with God through relationship with Jesus and the Spirit. Joy is also tied to knowing this world is not our home. Read Philippians 3:20 What does Heaven mean to you? 

3. Apply

Read the entire text from the message, Philippians 3:15-4:3. Take time to outline the "stuff to do" and the "stuff to avoid" Of those two categories, which are you currently more active in participation? 

How can you live more as a citizen of Heaven than a citizen of the US this week? What adjustments do you need to make in order to do this? 

Who will you partner with to help along the way in this world this week? 

5 Day Reading Plan

As you read these verses, take time to meditate on each one.
Also use the questions below to help apply it to your life.
1- What have I learned? (Observed / interpretation)
2- How will I respond? (Application)

Day 1 - Philippians 3:15-16
Day 2 - Philippians 3:17-18
Day 3 - Philippians 3:19-4.1
Day 4 - James 4:3-10
Day 5 - Romans 12:2

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