Saturday, November 3rd



As girls, it's our hearts desire to be chosen—to be chosen for the team we just tried out for, to be chosen by the guy that catches our eye, to be chosen as homecoming queen, or to be chosen as the "favorite child" (just to list a few). To be chosen makes us feel worthy and important. During this girls event, we will explore and learn about how WE ARE CHOSEN. We are chosen by a mighty God. He has chosen to love us despite our mistakes, and He has chosen to love us even when we don't choose Him. 

There will be different speakers, worship, snacks, and games. We would love to invite any girl from the age of 12 - 24 years old to come and join us for a great time together. We cannot wait to see how God works in our hearts and changes our lives during this event!


Saturday, Novemeber 3rd

2 - 5 p.m. in the Student Center

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